Rehabilitation Service at Home in Udaipur & Bhilwara

Rehabilitation Service at Home

The process of rehabilitation involves assisting a person in achieving the maximum degree of function, freedom, and quality of life. Rehabilitation aids in bringing the person back to their ideal state of health, functionality, and well-being but does not remove or reverse the harm brought on by illness or trauma. Each programme is unique because rehabilitation therapy is tailored to each person's individual requirements

Key Highlights

The following are some examples of general therapy elements for rehabilitation programmes:

  • Treating the underlying illness while avoiding consequences.
  • Treating the illness and enhancing performance.
  • Supplying adaptable tools and modifying the surroundings.
  • Assisting the patient and family adjust to the lifestyle changes by educating them.

There are several factors that affect rehabilitation success, including the following:

  • The type and extent of the illness, ailment, or damage.
  • The kind and severity of any disabilities and impairments that may ensue.
  • The patient's general health.
  • Family assistance.

The Value of Home Rehabilitation Services

There has been a general trend to cut the length of hospital stays, and the relaunch of home care is focused on illness management and control. As a result, patients receiving home care no longer receive enough assistance with day-to-day activities. One of the helpful instruments that enables the continuation of treatment in a comfortable living setting is home rehabilitation. The goals of rehabilitation services at home in Bhilwara include helping the patient resume their "activity," enhance their quality of life (QOL), ease the strain on family carers, and avoid the emergence of new impairments.

How does it Function?

You can let your doctor know that you are insured for at-home rehab as a second choice for therapy if you are undergoing surgery that necessitates inpatient rehabilitation to recuperate.

In the event that your doctor determines that you can benefit from home therapy, they can make reference you to one of our authorized healthcare professionals, who will set you up and create a personalised care plan for you.

A reference from your doctor is required in order to enrol in the programme, so pay attention to the expert since they will know where is the finest spot for you to heal.

How will it aid?

You may get a physical therapist and an exercise physiologist in the convenience of your own home thanks to our healthcare professionals. They will collaborate with your doctor to make sure your plan for rehab at home in Udaipur is appropriate for you, support your recovery during rehab, and have you back on your feet as soon as possible.

The programme consists of:

Planning and comprehending your treatment is aided by physiotherapy and occupational therapy for wound management.

Additionally, our professionals will guarantee that your house is secure and appropriate for the care you require. a happy time!

Types of Rehab Therapy at Home

Skilled Nursing Care

LPNs, RNs, and Home Health Aides are among the healthcare professionals on our in-home workforce. We create a personalised plan for each person and deliver on-going, high-quality care and services to you in the comfort of your home to give the respect, convenience, and ease that promotes the greatest growth.

Physical Therapy

To help you maintain and enhance gross motor skills that require using big muscles or groups of muscles, we offer specific physical therapy exercises and thorough instructions for rehab at home in Bhilwara.

Occupational Therapy (AOTA)

Throughout their lives, occupational therapy uses routine everyday tasks (occupations) to help people accomplish the things they desire and need to. By promoting health and assisting individuals of all ages in preventing injury, disease, or handicap, occupational therapists empower them to enjoy life to the fullest.

Speech Language Therapy

Speech, language, and cognitive-based treatment aims to enhance the efficacy, efficiency, and naturalness of communication. Our qualified speech pathologists evaluate, identify, and treat patients with a range of medical disorders that impact their cognition, language, speech, or swallowing.


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  • Improves Quality of life.
  • Restores the functions of the body.

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  • Identifies the delimitations and focuses to improve them.


Our Partnership with our client is like a nurturing relationships, upholding the dignity of those receiving care as well as supporting those who provide care. We provide expert medical supervision with compassionate care over an extended period.

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Sayluss Medicare Home care services are a symbol of excellence. I just wanted to let you know that I was absolutely impressed with visit to the Home Care Staff in   the month of April.  Their service was amazing and the facilities first class. You should be very proud of what you offer to your customers.

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I found the service that Sayluss Medicare Home care services offers is very friendly and efficient. Thank you very much for the cost of the crowns, much appreciated


Activity is carried out by Sayluss Medicare at various places in Rajasthan from time to time for the welfare of common people. We reach out to our community people and cater them based on their needs. We are the leading homecare services at present in these three districts and known for our hospitality and authentic homecare services to our patients and their family members. We also have dedicated Covid- 19 services started for the first time in the city of Udaipur with our designated Covid ambulance facility. We strive to keep our vision and mission aligned in all we do to render our services.


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