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Sayluss is the name of the Roman Goddess of health & prosperity, entrusted with the wellbeing of mankind. To succeed she needed a mother's compassion, sincerity and gentle hands. At Sayluss Medicare, that's our model for success, our healthcare staff are handpicked for their affinity of the patients as much as they are for their professionalism & efficiency in the form of mother's touch and a hero's speed. We know there is no safe place like home, home is secured & filled with the love of family and friends, it is the safest and pleasant place for any patient. Patients feel safe for getting treatment at home setup. That's were, we Sayluss Medicare come in picture. We provides all health care facilities like skilled nursing staff, rehabilitation therapist, medical equipments etc.


Our mission is to create a Home health care service delivery model with “patient & healthcare provider centricity” being the core of it. Delivering affordable, reliable, health care services to each patients and outcome based clinical services by creating a model of excellence in care.


We strive to achieve patient & health care worker centric, affordable, reliable and comprehensive home healthcare providers in India.

Sayluss Medicare

Our staff are committed towards their services and known for their loyalty, patience and proactiveness. Each member builds a relationship with our dear customers/ patients and their family members. They are well connected and we are there to help them at any time of their life.

Sayluss Medicare health Services is serving in 3 districts in the state of Rajasthan, India. Services provided by Sayluss Medicare in Udaipur, Ajmer and Bhilwara districts of Rajasthan are gaining prestige and honor due to their quality services.

Sayluss Medicare's flagship branch is in Udaipur. We have centralized customer care service located at Udaipur and functions 24 x 7. If the family members want to get information about the treatment facility of the patient, they can get all the services information by speaking to the customer service representative.

Journey of Sayluss Medicare

Healthcare has changed its fashion rapidly over the past decades and pandemic COVID-19 has challenged us with many innovations in delivering care to our clients. Way back in 2010 a deep thought was ignited in the mind of a young person who himself was from healthcare background, that how could we bring healthcare services to our clients, rather than client coming to us…… It was just a thought but this create a history in the city of lakes, Udaipur as a new organization was born in the name of Salus Healthcare a dream fulfilled by Dr. Hanwant Singh Rathore and supported by his other four friends. In 2012 the organization was registered it under Companies Act as Sayluss Medicare Pvt Ltd and started serving basic home healthcare services. Today it is one of the trusted and preferred choices of Home Healthcare provider in the hearts of people living in Udaipur. It has gradually extended its branches to other parts of the state in Bhilwara and Ajmer. Sayluss has extended their hands of services to senior citizens living in and around the cities and at the same time its family members are now approximately 200 people, who handhold this organization to its success.

Their major focus had been the under privileged or the vulnerable group of the society who once cared for us but now they are neglected, they are our GERIATRIC group. This group often falls sick and requires hospitalization and hence Sayluss has sensed their needs and have planned well organized homecare for them that help to recover from their illnesses at their own nest among their own loved ones.  It dreams to expand its wings all across the country in coming future. Striving with the crisis during the pandemic season, Sayluss stood on their foot in delivering care to their clients safely and developed the first COVID dedicated ambulance in the city where many refused to do so. It is well knitted with the well-known hospitals in the cities, NGOs and clinics. Team Sayluss strives to deliver its best possible care at every time, to each client with quality services at affordable and customized based.


Our Partnership with our client is like a nurturing relationships, upholding the dignity of those receiving care as well as supporting those who provide care. We provide expert medical supervision with compassionate care over an extended period.

Mr. Manish Mehta

I intended to send an email to the Sayluss Medicare Homecare services to express my appreciation for the work. I am very satisfied with the work done. I do not hesitate to return if I need work done in the future. I have also recommended people to this Sayluss Medicare Home care services.

Ms. Kanika Gupta

Sayluss Medicare Home care services are a symbol of excellence. I just wanted to let you know that I was absolutely impressed with visit to the Home Care Staff in   the month of April.  Their service was amazing and the facilities first class. You should be very proud of what you offer to your customers.

Ms. Santosh Kukreja

I found the service that Sayluss Medicare Home care services offers is very friendly and efficient. Thank you very much for the cost of the crowns, much appreciated


Activity is carried out by Sayluss Medicare at various places in Rajasthan from time to time for the welfare of common people. We reach out to our community people and cater them based on their needs. We are the leading homecare services at present in these three districts and known for our hospitality and authentic homecare services to our patients and their family members. We also have dedicated Covid- 19 services started for the first time in the city of Udaipur with our designated Covid ambulance facility. We strive to keep our vision and mission aligned in all we do to render our services.


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